Most people wrongly imagine that ditching an addiction is easy only to later on, after becoming addicted to drugs, realize it is extremely difficult. Surprisingly, this applies to all types of addiction including non-substance additions that involve excessive eating, shopping, and gambling. The fact the difficulty in overcoming the vice varies from one individual to another compound further the confusion. There are many agencies out there who follow Unethical marketing tactics and convince people to use drugs.


Overcoming an addiction requires conscious effort, dedication and adequate time. Below are the steps you can follow to effectively overcome your addiction.

Admit your addiction

Start by recognizing that you are addicted to the substance. Know the exact substance you are addicted to, how your addiction is affecting your life and find out if there is anything you can do to overcome it. These details form a crucial step and will accelerate your recovery. For change to take effect, you must have the desire to change things around.

Prepare for change

Once you have a desire to change, the next thing is to prepare for transformation. This involves eliminating addictive substances from your surrounding as well as the triggers that prompt you to use the substances. For instance, if your addiction entails overeating, get rid of stockpiles while people addicted to drugs may have to avoid going anywhere close to the vendors.

Take responsibility

Stop making excuses, blaming your situation and others or justifying your actions. Acknowledge that you have a personal decision to take action and turn things around. Forgive yourself and start your journey afresh. Once you forgive yourself for abusing the substance (you are human) decide to move forward in a more optimal way. If your addition affects other people reach out to them and explain how you have now resolved to change.

Get a healthy substitute

Having decided to take full responsibility the next step is to create an empowering behavior to replace your addition. Note that your addition is simply a habit that you developed with time. While it could be deeply ingrained in your psyche, and hence quite hard to change, if you replace with something else constructive but which delivers the same feeling you will overcome it. Find out what drove you into the addition in the first place and you will get a perfect substitute.

Avoid Relapse

A common cause of relapse is thinking you now have full control and as such, you can indulge just a little. In most cases, the just one drink, puff or binge, we result in yet another full addition. The single last use will end up being a slippery slope to abusing the substance excessively and regularly again. In some quite unfortunate cases, it leads to an overdose and death. So, stick to your resolve and do not turn back.


You can avoid the draining process of overcoming an addition by taking steps to avoid abusing the substance in the first place. Prevention is, remember, better than cure. Involve yourself in constructive activities and associations that build you and make you a better person.