Chronic neck pain can be the most painful and debilitating condition that is caused due to stress, poor posture, poor pillow support, poor work place ergonomics or tension in the nerves. There are different ways of treating the neck pain but you can follow the DIY ways to fix chronic neck pain as it is the best way of getting instant relief from the pain. Moreover you will not have to go for any treatment or have medicines for dealing with pain because you can fix the pain easily and without any efforts.

DIY ways to fix chronic neck pain includes-

Stretching and rotating the ten toes- when you are suffering from chronic neck pain then the most effective way to stretch and rotate the balls of the toes gently as it will help you get relief instantly. Moreover you will also feel crunching and tenderness in the toes which will help in releasing the toxins from your body so that you can get the cure for neck pain –

Yoga- it is also an effective way of fixing chronic neck pain where you will have to do some yoga poses that will help you get relief from the pain without creating any tension. You will need to do classic yoga pose so that you can let go off your tension and offers more flexibility to your neck and body.

Exercise- stretching the hamstrings and inside of knees will reduce the pain to some extent because the tendons runs from the toes to neck while going through the hamstrings and inner knees. Therefore if you want your neck to move freely without any kind of pain and discomfort then you should ensure that these tendons are stretched and supple as it is the best way of relieving neck tension.

Light therapy- you can also deal with chronic neck pain with the help of photo-biostimulation which involves the use of infra red light on the affected area for getting instant relief. Chronic pain can be treated with light therapy as it heals the injured tissues which eventually help in minimizing the severity of pain.

Acupuncture- it is also very helpful in treating chronic neck pain and for this you will need to apply pressure on the affected muscles so that the pain vanishes in some time. This is a very effective way of dealing with pain and you can do it yourself at home for getting the desired outcome.